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Charitable Donations


Donating Simplified revolutionizes surplus inventory management with our INVENTORY RIGHT SIZING Program — It's a quick, cost-effective way to promote charitable donations, enhance environmental sustainability, and improve your company's ESG Score — Plus, it provides significant tax benefits, like deductions and asset write-downs, to boost your financial performance.

We help businesses reduce waste, boost their ESG scores, and enhance corporate sustainability

Why Donate?

Consider an Asset Write-Down
as an alternative way to lower your taxable income by adjusting asset values on your financial statements.

Get a Tax Deduction for your in-kind donation and lower your taxable income.

Donating to a Charity is a win-win:  boost your ESG score and meaningfully give back to the Community.

Reduce the environmental impact by donating excess inventory – while saving on disposal costs – making it a more affordable and sustainable option.

Minimize Finished Goods Waste:

Donating inventory can free up valuable warehouse space – allowing for increased capacity and improved operational efficiency.

Free Up Storage Space:

Improve your company’s profitability by decreasing inventory costs on unproductive stock – while earning tax write-offs from donations and boosting your ESG Score.

Optimize Obsolete Inventory:

On average, 3% of total supply spend is attributed to holding costs – which can be directly reduced through regular donations.

Reduce Monthly Holding Costs:

Benefits of Inventory Right Sizing

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Donating Simplified streamlines the process of giving back – effortlessly handling the donation of your surplus inventory directly to the communities you serve. It's all about making generosity simple and effective.
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